History and Philosophy

An immigrant from Northern Europe, Henry Huseby opened an antiques trading business in Chicago and quickly established himself in a business that was new at that time. His son W.R. Huseby was involved in the family business from early on and shared the family passion for trading valuable art treasures from a bygone age. He carried on his father's business and expanded it solidly and prudently.
In 1954, W.R. Huseby then founded the art and antique collection, "Marcus Aurelius Art Collection", in which he collected the family's most valuable antiques.

Markus Huseby

The next generation of the family was also involved from the beginning in the art and antiques sector. W.R. Huseby's son Markus became involved in the company's business activities in the 1960s. Markus diversified the business operations and he established his first shareholdings from his new business location in Las Vegas/Nevada. This expansion saw the portfolio purposefully and successfully expanded to include media, industry and hotel businesses.  

In 1997, Markus Huseby formally took over company management from his father
W.R. Huseby and pursued a targeted expansion of the company into Europe and Asia. In so doing, Markus Huseby profited from his talent for recognising business opportunities early and thus developing successful Investments. 

In Las Vegas in the 1980s and 90s, he was very successful with a number of other well-known business personalities in different industries:


  • Consulting in casinos and the hotel trade for and with Tony Marnell, Steve Wynn, Sam Boyd, Jackie Gaughan, Kirk Kerkorian, Barron Hilton
  • Real estate and building projects with Robert Maheu, the general agent of Howard Hughes, as well as the architect Frank Lloyd Wright and hotelier Barron Hilton
  • Investments and shareholdings with Kirk Kerkorian, among others
  • Trade with raw materials, logistics and shipping

Of course, he didn't neglect the traditional core business of his family and during this time he also considerably extended the art and jewellery collection with the support of high-level contacts in the art scene, such as Astrid Ekman, with acquisitions from renowned collectors such as Harry Winston and William Wrigley III, or his personal contact to Andy Warhol.

Since the 70s, Markus Huseby had firmly established himself in Las Vegas, including in the world of media, show business and entertainment. Friendships and business contacts linked him – and still do today – with showbiz greats such as Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Elvis Presley, Joe and Michael Jackson, Tony Curtis and Tony Bennett.

After the death of W.R. Huseby in June 1999, Markus Huseby led the group as CEO until 2006.

Dr. Sakir Yavuz

In 2006, the group opted for a substantial expansion into Europe and established a partnership with Dr Sakir Yavuz, who could introduce a world-wide, cross-sector network to the existing circle of partners. Dr Sakir Yavuz has served as president of the company since 2006.

In 2007, the "Marcus Aurelius Art Collection" was taken over by PTH.

In the same year, after the acquisition of perfect timing media group in Berlin, joint activities were continued under the perfect timing holding roof, with its head office in Chur, Switzerland. 

In 2015, the administrative headquarters for the European sector was relocated to Essen, Germany.

In the meantime, due to further substantial investment expansion in business divisions in the markets in Turkey, Arabia and Russia, a subsidiary was established in Milas, Turkey, from where the real estate business in Turkey is also co-ordinated.     

Through a close-knit and efficient international network, worldwide developments can be recognised and analysed early, efficiently and successfully, so that projects can be planned and implemented quickly. 

The shareholders of perfect timing holding have a common goal: running a solid and sustainable core business, whilst always remaining open to new developments.

Since 2010, continued investments have been made in additional business divisions such as energy management, consulting, media, education and shipping. Consequently, the platform of the company group has been successfully expanded.

With targeted holdings and acquisitions of companies with a secure position in the world market, important players could be acquired for entry into perfect timing holding's target markets.

These mergers were looked after by in-house consulting services, and developed by a team of experts from the areas of economy and law, real estate, finance, media, shipping and technology, who also offer comprehensive support to the company's consulting activities.

Think big, start small, scale fast.