President - Chairman

Şakir Yavuz

Economical Affairs

Company Policy Affairs

Cooperation Affairs

Governmentally Affais

Project Procurement Affairs

Lobbying Affairs

Education Affairs

Airport Affairs


Deputy President

Mark Huseby

Shareholders Affaires

Deciding of Art Collection Affairs

Hotel Affairs

Shipping Affairs


Vice President

Prof. Dr. Theos M. B. Sijrier

Dean of Art Faculty

Art Research Affairs

Art Collecting Affairs

Art Teaching Affairs

Vice President

Zülfü Canpolat

Company Mission Affairs

Media Affairs

Vice President

Dr. Michael Bauer

Compliance Affairs

Administration Affairs

IT Affairs

Vice President

Andreas Gleisenstein

Construction Affairs

Property Affairs



Andreas Maass

Head of Legal Advice

Head of Consulting

AÏssan Akogbédji Bienvenu

General Coordinator for Africa

Ismail Tekin

Chief Investment Officer

Ömer Sevim

General Coordinator for Turkey

David Strybosch

Chief Stock Exchange Officer

Nevzat Dormanlı

Projects Coordinator

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