PTH Media Team

Can Katipzade



Can Katipzade attended Full Sail University in Orlando Florida for Recording Arts & Entertainment Business between 2001 - 2003. Originally from Miami South Florida USA. After his family moving to Washington DC he began his carrier in the Media industry in 2001 after becoming a Press Director at ATC directing international press under George W. Bush administration. After directing the Turkish, Israeli and American press in the International Defense contracts in 2002 he received a personal Thank You Letter signed from Geogre W. Bush. After moving back to South Florida he entered the

entertainment industry by working with  JayZ, Kanye West, Beyonce, Akon, T.I. Young Jezzy's Producer & Recording Engineer Tony Rey as an production partner and composer. Soon He began to work with the most famous Artist in United States making a name for himself in the entertainment industry.


In 2005 He was contracted by Alfredo Ramos to be part of the creative team who managed and produced the Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Roberto Cavalli & Gucci 2005 Fall Season fashion shows in South Florida. He was sponsored by Bong Vodka following year to promote the brand in 3 different states putting an live act who featured Grammy Winner artists in venues like ArtBasel Miami, New York Fashion Week and Band Wagon Road Show where he shared the stage with Rap Icon Snoop Dogg. Later on after creating the Deep Dark East Media group he signed a multi Million dollar contract with Snoop  dogs collaborating on Film, Music & Art projects. Later on he was brought on to the Snoop Dogg's record label to be featured as Executive producer on Snoop Dogg Presents Ice Cube, Mac Shawn 100 and E40 album " The Position " .


As a director and director of photography he has been with the Static Free Films Los Angeles based film production company shooting and directing various projects around the world for major brands. His unique style in film making

brought him projects from Major companies like Universal UK where he wrote and directed the 7th Sense Album film trailer in 2018. As a director; he has directed TVC's for major Hotels and brands in Turkey, Kuwait, England, Kazakhstan, Qatar and Russia such as 2017 Orange County Hotels, 2018 Jumeirah Messilah Beach Hotel & Lincoln Kuwait 2018 Navigator Commercial , 2019 Spice Hotel and Ramada Plaza Antalya by Wyndham's 2020 " Wonder-er " commercial and new 3 TVC's for Adopen. He has also shot an online add for Turkish Airlines with Olympic Diver Birgül Erken.



In 2018 he was the Creative Director and Producer of Kuwait International Fashion Week which held at the Messilah Beach Hotel and Spa in Salmiya Kuwait. He got news coverege in major media networks in countries like Qatar, Kuwait

and Bahrain where he started a ongoing business relation ship shooting and directing various projects under his film company Bedouin Robot which was founded in 2018 with his wife Özge Mine Katipzade.

He has recived  multiple awards both in the Music & Film industry such as Florida Motion Picture Crystal Award with Steph Carse "Reach Out" Album, Golden Orange Film Festival 2010 Best Music award with Mircan Kaya on Snow as white film. Won the 2015 FOG Award of Music ICON for movie La Bella Des Nuit in San Francisco Global Movie Festival. And most recently Best Commercial award in Oxford UK with the Elixir Commercial.

In 2018 he was part of an experiment where the patient of Dr M. Kemaloglu required to be cured from her psychological

problems by using the cine therapy sessions. In normal cases patients find relief of their ilness by watching certain films. Can Katipzade and His wife experimented on a new way where they wrote a scenario for the patient to act in her own film. After this project 13 years of Anxiety & Sleep Paralysis problem had been solved. Film is now getting ready to be feature in festivals world wide. This project has been a mile stone in the history of Cine Therapy. 

In 2019 he was positioned as the Media Director of Perfect Timing Holding Media Group by the PTH President Şakir Yavuz

He has been put in charge of Perfect Timing Holdings media operations world wide by the president him self.

Özge Mine Katipzade



Formerly known as Özge Mine Sarıçam is Bedouin Robot's second director, creative and art director, scenarist, colorist and stylist. She is a former HaberTurk "Culture & Arts" Editor and Photographer from 2013-2015.

She is majored in "Cinema and Tv" at the Ankara University Ilef, and took courses in "Cinema and Photography" at the

Otto-Friedrich Üniversitat Bamberg in 2012, Germany.  She has worked with various foreign and Turkish celebrities and artists as a photographer and art reporter. She has also worked with the famous electronic music producers and DJ's as an event director in Istanbul's most popular venues.

She continues on working as the editor in chief for Perfect Timing Holding Media Group.

 Antonio Riestra



Antonio’s love for cinematography has been a long process of self-discovery; Light is invisible and so are emotions. Lenses give you the tool to bring together the world into your eyes with the camera being the vase to pour the image into. Antonio is a self-taught cinematographer who started his career with a Nikkormat, a 50mm lens and an amazing amount of curiosity and involvement. He has shot movies in many languages and different corners of the world with many extraordinary people behind and in front of the camera. Filmmaking is a collaborative process, everything that happens in and around the camera goes onto the screen and makes the movie what it actually is.

Cooperation and mutual understanding have helped him to earn the Spanish Goya and Gaudí awards and nominations in Canada and the Czech Republic. These being countries where he has lived and matured both personally and professionally. He is now based in between Prague and LA.

Walter Cavatoi



Ultimately, his  goal is to help filmmakers to tell stories, bring their visual language to life and add his expertise to make it coherent and unique.


A colorist is a technician and an artist,  needs to master storytelling, cinematography  color science and develop the sensitivity to make use of those skills to serve the story.

He loves experimenting, testing new techniques and looking for a special approach on every new project

Walter is an italian Colourist  with over 12 years of experience color grading  feature Films, documentaries ,TV series  and commercials around the world.

Mr Cavatoi started in Post Production in the early 2000 and worked for several facilities as a freelancer as well as running his own studio.


In 2014 he moved to middle east and had extensive experience in TV industry, collaborating to set up grading units and supervise the work of small teams.

In the last few years he has seen his international network of clients growing fast and he has graded films and TVCs from over 15 different countries. He is available with DCI studio cinema equipped suite in Rome (Italy), Bologna (Italy), Doha (Qatar), Chennai (India) and through my network of partners in UK and US. Remote Grading available worldwide

Full Member of C.S.I, the Colorist Society International.